• “It would seem that perfection is attained not when no more can be added, but when no more can be removed.”
    — Antoine de Saint Exupéry
  • “Design is thinking made visual.”
    — Saul Bass
  • “The client may be king, but he’s not the art director.”
    — Von R. Glitschka
  • “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
    — Albert Einstein
  • “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”
    — Paul Rand

Recent Google Reviews

In this era, and especially in the services sector, it’s quite normal now to take the risk to engage in a business transaction with a total stranger. Where you do so, the reality is, the fear and anxiety of getting it all totally wrong is usually very overwhelming. When, at the end, the stranger becomes a friend, then you know you are a delighted client. That has been my experience with Andrew. From taking my very abstract ideas about what I wanted our brand and logo to communicate to building us a slick website and a world-class logo, Andrew is a talented graphic artist with a clear understanding of his clients’ needs.”

“Working with Andrew, I was exceptionally impressed. He was very personally invested in my brand and website build, immediately giving it an identity that I have been so much proud of. Considering that all of that came at fees that did not see me having to break a bank, I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking at building or improving their website or marketing collateral.”

I could literally write an essay on how many ways Andrew assisted me but will keep it short. After struggling for years with web developers and web designers all doing half jobs, taking shortcuts and actually doing more harm than good Andrew was open honest and extremely knowledgeable and capable. He improved my website speed and core vitals dramatically after countless people and companies before said nothing more could be done. He reduced the size of my site and managed to clean things up and make things work so much better. More than that he was patient with me and the multitude of issues that occurred during this process as we were sorting things out. I was so exhausted with endless website issues and downtime but Andrew managed to fix everything and get everything working smoothly in only a, few hours. His hourly rate is more than fair and the real value lies in that he actually knows what he is doing. A breath fresh air I must say after all the bad experiences I had before. Thank you Andrew you are literally a lifesaver!”

Andrew created the websites for both of my businesses – BrightSparkz Tutors South Africa & BrightSparkz Canada. Andrew has the innate talent for capturing exactly what you’re wanting for your website before you even know it yourself! His attention to detail and his fresh and modern way of interpreting brands is remarkable. Anyone who wants something unique and innovative, yet classic and clean, should look no further!”

I have worked on multiple projects with Andrew over the last 12 years – corporate ID, websites, web applications, video production and many things in between that just need a sharp eye that could deliver clean and functional design. When you need a steady, reliable hand that is still creative, Andrew is your person.”

Andrew is an extremely talented web and graphic designer. We still get compliments about our website year after year. He is also always willing to share tips and assist with any website-related changes or fixes at short-notice and is super efficient! Definitely recommended.”

Andrew created the e-commerce website for my business The Sleep Collective. His incredible attention to detail ensured a site with a beautiful clean look that functions well on mobiles, tablets and laptops.”

Earlier references

Andrew has an exceptional understanding of digital and print design. He bases his concepts on a strong branding background. He maintains the brands integrity right the way through the process. His solid design principles have ensured that both our branding and e-commerce enabled online boutique has placed us in a league above many in the industry. Being online, we need to stand out from the clutter, and I feel that his hard work has helped us do that!”

Right from the onset Andrew made me feel very involved in creating the site using an interactive web based edit room that allowed me to post comments on every single aspect of the site. Together “we” developed the look and feel of the website by trying out various combinations suggested by Andrew. We wanted a custom template produced for the ‘Opencart’ e-commerce solution and they produced a fantastic looking, user-friendly shop for my Scandinavian design homeware shop and I think they exceeded the brief.”

Andrew designed our website and the results are, well, stunning. This is the smoothest site our industry of long bearded rocket scientists has ever seen, thanks in large part to Andrew and his slick development process. Interactive, always heavy on involvement and decisions and light on time wasted. It was a pleasure being guided through the process by Andrew, who took a genuine interest in our business as well as just the designing of it. We are very pleased with the results, and it is my pleasure to recommend him to colleagues and friends.”

Julie Geller

Andrew Baddeley was a delight to work with. Not only is he incredible on the artistic side but he takes pride in the work, only letting something elegant reach the screen. Andrew was responsive to my needs as a client and was a partner in solving any issues we encountered along the way. Working with Andrew and his team was a pleasure and I am completely satisfied. He therefore comes highly recommended for your next web-based project.”

Andrew is a pleasure to work with and an expert graphic designer, project manager and business man. He came highly recommended via a partner of mine. After working with him personally, I too recommend him highly if looking to design / build a website from scratch. He delivered beautiful designs, top notch development and we even launched the website early!”

Andrew was recommended to me and I’d recommend him to you. When people who know web design talk about sites that work, you’ll find Andrew designed them. Andrew is meticulous – every pixel counts and I’ve been impressed at how much effort he puts into understanding the challenge before he comes up with his brilliant designs. He has been instrumental in our latest design for iSigned.com, which people love and respond well to. ‘Nuff said!”

Andrew designed a B2B website at relatively short notice. He was very effective at progressing the design and developed the website rigorously and meticulously, producing a really good outcome. I really like his creative style and thinking which is unique yet flexible and he managed the project well. I look forward to working with him on further web / design projects.”

Vincent Cassar

Not only was Andrew able to come up with some pretty creative concepts, he delivered on time and the end result of the web video he produced was stunning. He comes highly recommended and I look forward working with him again.”